History of Massachusetts

Let’s look at the history and the generic facts about Massachusetts. We may even uncover information about the state that you didn’t know. Some of these facts will even lead to further investigation and new prospects for your future visit.

The state of Massachusetts nickname is the ‘Bay State’, it got the state name from the Algonquian Tribe as the word in their language means, ‘a big hill place.’ The state was born as part of the USA on February 6, 1788. Of course, the capital of the state is Boston, Massachusetts. The state song is as dominant as the states motto, “All Hail to Massachusetts,” is the great song while the motto states, “by the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”

How many different state animals can they have? Well, let’s find out. They’re state bird is the Black-Capped Chickadee while the game bird is the Wild Turkey. You could probably guess the dog or fish that they have chosen to represent their state. They both have the same name as famous parts of Massachusetts. The Boston terrier is the dog and then there is the Cod fish. As I said, they both share something imperative with the state itself. They also have a state horse, cat and insect.

What are some facts that you may not know about the wonderful state of Massachusetts? Well, the state flower is the Mayflower, pretty important to more than just the state itself. Since we are on history, Massachusetts state folk hero is the amazing Johnny Appleseed. Everyone knows about him, but not many know just how connected he is to one of our state’s history.

The female heroine of the state was name for receiving the first military pension ever awarded to a female. Who was she? Well, during the American War of Independence she was known as Robert Shurtleff, hiding the fact that she was born a woman so that she could help fight for our rights. The name she was born with was Deborah Samson. Any ideas about other famous and important people of our history that originated in the state of Massachusetts? Several of our Presidents to be exact, two of them were even born in the same town. John Adams (the 2nd President) and John Quincy Adams (the 6th President) were both born in the town known today as of Quincy, Massachusetts but was known as Braintree, Massachusetts.

There is so much history to this amazing state. It is something that deserves the time to research and then the ability to see the magnificent view with your own eyes. Every piece of this land has a hidden part of our history to it, something that connects it with other facts that you learned in school. Some of the background on this state is so unusual and fascinating that you may not have learned of it before, but it is definitely worth looking into!