Everything You Need to Know About CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage Guidelines
Source: CFAH

The short answer to the question ‘How much CBD should you take?’ is ‘there is no right CBD dosage’. The perfect dosage for a person depends on a variety of factors like tolerance of CBD, body type and the severity of condition he/she is willing to treat. The type of CBD product and the concentration of CBD in it are other important considerations as some products interact differently than others. In this post, we talk about various considerations to determine the right Cannabidiol dosage.

Here are the major dosage considerations for anybody interested in determining the proper CBD dosage:

  • Body Weight – A user’s body weight plays an important role in deciding how much CBD affects the body. More the body weight, higher the doses are required to experience the relaxing effects of CBD.
  • Concentration – Strength or concentration of CBD is the amount of the component present in a product. It is measured in mg. When you buy CBD pills online or purchase concentrate or tinctures, you are likely to get this information printed on the label.
  • Tolerance – Users develop CBD tolerance over time resulting in reduced effects with the same dosage.
  • Expected Results – For a lot of people, the right dose depends on the level of discomfort or pain experienced. A person suffering from anxiety or chronic pain may need a higher dose than somebody with a milder problem.

The above-mentioned criteria should help CBD consumers determine the optimal starting cannabis dosage.

Here is a guide to measuring the right dosage for different CBD Products.

  • Oils and Tinctures – These are concentrated forms of CBD oils generally consumed sublingually or mixed with food. They vary in terms of concentration that ranges from 100 to 5000 mg. A 5000 mg strength in a bottle of 30ml is different from 100mg strength in the same size of bottle. Both these will yield different results even when taken in the same dosage. This is why first time users should start with lower strengths of CBD tinctures and increase the dosage gradually.
  • Vape Oil – CBD oil extracted from hemp is formulated with alcohol or vegetable glycerine to make vape oil which is inhaled with the help of a CBD vape. This method gives instant effects that last for an hour or so. Most vape oils come in 30ml bottle size with concentrations ranging from 200mg to 1500mg. A lot of CBD vape pens come with cartridges that house vape oil. You can buy CBD Vape pens online from reputed brands like Itsprimo to consume CBD in an easy way.
  • Topicals – CBD topicals consist of creams, lotions, salves, balms and other products applied topically on the outermost skin layer. People use topicals to relieve joint or muscle pain. Calculating the right dosage with CBD topicals is not easy because it is applied on the skin. These products have concentration anywhere from 250mg to 1500mg. People looking for relief from severe pain generally use high-concentration topicals.
  • Edibles – CBD edibles include gummies, capsules and other products which can be eaten. Just like tinctures, CBD edibles also have a longer onset time as they are taken orally but the effects last for hours. Calculating the optimal CBD dosage is easy with edibles as the products list the ingredients. Most CBD gummies come in concentration ranging from 5mg to 100mg. A number of brands manufacture CBD capsules that users can take like other medicine to fulfill their daily dose of CBD correctly. Though there are no severe adverse effects of overdosing on CBD, it is important to keep a watch on the dosage to benefit correctly from its therapeutic effects.